Theres a bajillion of us photographers out there. I know. When I put myself in your shoes I get overwhelmed just thinking about all of the google searches and instagram hashtags you’ve gone through to even get to my website. And there’s so many things the blogs have told you to ask us - - “How long have you been shooting?” “What equipment do you use?” “Do we have to feed you?” and a bunch of other questions that don’t freakin matter because none of that tells you who we really are or why we should work together. You already know that I take amazing photos, not unlike the other 10 photographers you’re planning to contact. You know how much my collections are. When you decide to schedule that live chat with me or any other photographer, the questions no one thinks about, but are probably the most important are:

“Will I love working with them?”

“Will they make me feel comfortable when I’m freaking out about being photographed?”

“Will they capture the feeling of the day?”

“Will they laugh at my dad’s nervous ‘dad jokes’?"

“Are they the professionals I will need them to be on the most important day of my life?”

some of my past brides, had a few things to say about their experience working with me.


“Looking back through our album makes me feel like I am experiencing the day all over again.
If you are looking to capture authentic moments and raw human emotion from your big day, Kelley is the one.“

- Kat C

My main goal, besides making sure you’re always having a freakin blast, is to make sure you remember how much of a blast it was. When the sparklers have been extinguished, and the shoes have been kicked off, and the ringing in your ears from the best DJ ever has finally subsided, memories are all ya got left. So I make sure I capture it all. The hugs, the tears, the outtakes, the dancing (or lack thereof depending on who you’re looking at), the moments that were planned and the moments that weren’t, and about 80 million things you will never see with your own eyes….until you flip through that album and relive every moment as many times as you want.


“Kelley just made us so comfortable and we knew we were in good hands.”

- Taryn

“She listens, she cares, she connects and she captures the real moments of your day.”

– Kat G

Just call me ‘All State’. I kid! I do have a way with making people comfortable very quickly though, but I have to. Because being comfortable with your photographer is the difference between looking like real you and looking like the cardboard cutout version of you. And I cannot have you walking around here looking like cardboard. Stiff, unwelcoming, cold photos are just not my thing. Neither are stiff, unwelcoming, cold people to be honest. But if you’re here, Im sure thats not you, you wouldn’t have made it this far. Im all about fun, chill energy and good vibes, hence the tag line up under my logo. Im not saying it just to say it.


“She made everything incredibly easy by providing detailed and informational guides for everything you would need to know for the day of the wedding.
I wish all my vendors had that! “

- Hillary

Organization makes the world go round! Or maybe its gravity, but either way, preparing my couples for their wedding day is a top priority. If you have a question, I have an answer. And my Wedding Day Prep Guide (and Elopement Day Prep Guide!) will make sure you rock your wedding day from beginning to end. From portraits, to family photos, to how to keep your wedding party from trashing your hotel suite before I arrive, I’ve bottled up almost 6 years of experience and present it to you in a cute little digestible online guide that you will thank me for later.


“My mom, sister, and I felt like we had known Kelley + Fallon forever.
My normally camera shy husband had a blast with Kelley and she shot the most adorable images of him I've ever seen in my life.”

– Leah

“Kelley was the first person we booked, we FaceTimed her for 10 minutes and knew we needed her at the wedding.”

- Mithilia

Connection. It’s important. When you hire me, you’re hiring a 6, 8, or 10 hour 3rd wheel. Im there when you’re standing in your underwear trying to get your dress on and simultaneously helping you fight off a silent anxiety attack because it’s almost time to stand in front of like 100 people, and Im so sorry Im probably adding to your anxiety right now, ah! Im the person you trust-walk it with to see your hunny for your first look, making sure you don’t trip on anything along the way. It’s me + you two for alot of the day. So connection is important. As you’re planning your wedding, it may seem like you’re just hiring a whole bunch of ‘vendors’, but Im not just a vendor. I cant be. Not if I want you to have the best day ever. I have to be more than a vendor. It’s only fair. (Sidenote: you actually see me more than your wedding coordinator, because they’re busy..coordinating and whatnot).


“Her ability to capture special moments in real time is unmatched. When we think of all the vendors we worked with for wedding, you stand out.
We never stressed about our photos.”

- Lauren

 You’re not planning to stress about your wedding photos, right? Like, you hire a professional literally so you don’t have to do that. I know you love candids, so I will take all the candids. I know you love a lot of candids, which is why all my collections include two photographers - me and my wife. I don’t want you to stress about your photos, so you can always trust that we got you.


“Can’t count how many friends and family members told us how much they loved our photographer!”

– Olivia

Our wedding guests raved about how much fun she and Fallon were to be around on our wedding day.” 


Chilling with your family is one of our favorite parts about capturing any wedding day. We have a blast connecting with the people that have known you since you were in diapers. We also fully appreciate any embarrassing childhood stories your family and friends offer up for obvious reasons. We’re not just here to take a million photos of you two, which Im sure you wouldn’t want us to. We’re also here to capture your life - past, present and future - all in the same super awesome location, through the hearts that love you most.


“Everyone's style is different, but I love how Kelley captures the natural, authentic moments of the day versus having too-heavily staged photos.”

– Mel

Im a wedding photographer, yes, but Im an artist first. And Im always looking for the shot, even when you aren’t. I shoot with intention. I shoot so you’ll remember. How you felt. How the lights twinkled. How your heart was in your chest. How their hand felt in yours. How tight your mama squeezed you. How awesome that cake tasted. How epic the day was. I shoot so you’ll never forget.

And what’s more important than that?


radass wedding photographers + Unforgettable Memories?
What are you even waiting for?!