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It's my job to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera, long enough to get those real moments, real smiles, real laughs, and real feels. And I take that job very serious, dahling. And I already know what you're thinking, "But we're so awkward in front of the camera, I don't want to look stiff and posed." Look around my website! Do you see awkward? Do you see stiff and posed? Hell nah! Do you see rockstars? Um..hell yea you do!
I make taking couples portraits a BLAST, family photos painless, and your wedding day epic.
So whether you're eloping, inviting 10 friends, or planning a great big ole celebration

I gotcha covered.

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I’m here to make all of your wedding photo dreams come true.
I’ve been a full-time professional third wheel for five years and counting.
Year after year, couples trust me to take care of them and deliver their most precious moments, and I absolutely do.
I’ve worked with amazing individuals, rad celebrities (Meghan Markle for one, but I digress), cool brands, and now YOU!

this ain’t my first rodeo.
Wedding Day Coverage Starts at $4,000 & is worth every damn penny.

“Let me tell you sumpthin' about Kelley Raye.

Not only is she a wedding photographer, she is a true blue photo artist. Her photographs are authentic snapshots of moments in time, and her work with lighting is stunning. She shot our intimate mountaintop wedding at sunset, and the photos are the perfect combination of beautiful green mountain landscape, a sherbet sky, and painted portraits of the emotions of that day. We were so lucky to have such a talented, flexible, light-hearted, and easy-going human to work with. Looking back through our album makes me feel like I am experiencing the day all over again. The world (and folks getting married) are lucky Kelley Raye Photography exists. If you are looking to capture authentic moments and raw human emotion from your big day, Kelley is the one.”

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Q// How would you describe your photography style?
I shoot/edit with feeling in mind. Feeling, vibe, essence, aura, whatever you call it, thats what I aim to capture. It's easy to capture what we see, but what about what we cant see? How will you remember how you felt? Storytelling is about more than just the what, its about the why as well. My photography can be categorized as moody over light and airy; documentary rather than fine art; lifestyle instead of traditional. I like my images to reflect real. I play with shadows. I capture tiny details that you may not even notice. I shoot the way I feel someone would want to remember. You can read more about why I shoot the way I shoot here.

Q// How many weddings have you shot?
A lot.

Q// Do you bring your own lighting?
Yes. We use natural light until there is no more and then use speedlights after dark.

Q// What kind of equipment will you bring?
Our camera bags usually contain 3 canon camera bodies, 5 lenses (both prime and zoom), 3 speedlights, lotsa memory cards, a waterproof, smash proof memory card case, extra camera batteries, and rechargeable speedlight batteries.

Q// Are you vegetarian? Do you have any dietary restrictions?
No, but my wife/second shooter is vegan.

Q// Can my parent pay you?
Yes. Mom or Dad can pay via the invoice link that I send you, again, no snail mail or paper checks required.

Q// Have you shot a traditional Jewish wedding before?

Q// Have you shot an American/Indian fusion wedding before?

Q// What if I only need 5 hours of coverage? Does the rate change?
No. We can only shoot one wedding per day, so whether you need 1 hour, 5, or 10, we have to block off the entire day (and sometimes whole weekends) just for you.

Q// When will you arrive for my wedding?
We typically arrive 1-2 days prior to a Continental U.S. wedding and 2-3 days prior to an International/Hawaii Wedding (based on what was on our schedule that week). This allows us time to get settled, visit the venue, and have a drink with you (if you have a minute to spare) before the wedding.

Q// Can I upgrade my package after I have already booked?
Yes, if you decide you would like to add on more hours or add an engagement session or rehearsal dinner coverage (if we are available) after you have already booked, you can.

Q// Can we see a full wedding gallery example?
Sure, a full wedding example is < here >.

Q// My wedding venue requires all outside vendors to have a certificate of insurance, do you have that?

Q// What if you need a work permit to shoot in the country we are getting married in?
My base rate does not cover work permits. You would be responsible for researching/acquiring any necessary work permits.

Q// How long can I access my photo gallery after the wedding is over?
Your online gallery will be available for unlimited downloads for one calendar year from your wedding date.

Q// Can you give us an idea of what a wedding day schedule typically looks like?
A traditional schedule + first look might look something like this > and if you are skipping a first look maybe something liethis >. Of course these examples should be viewed as a GUIDE and not a definite schedule.

An elopement (just the two of you) would vary as they don't usually follow the traditional wedding day timeline. We can curate a relaxed, elopement schedule together based on what you'd like to incorporate.

Q// What images might we expect in our gallery? Do we have to tell you what images we want?
Images we typically take at a wedding can be found on < this list >. You do not need to ask us to capture anything on this list or things like "my dress", "photo with my mom" or other standard situations. Feel free to mention not so obvious things like "i want a picture with my 2-year old cousin from London".

Q// I would be considered a high-profile/celebrity client, can you hold off on posting any of my images until they've been published to maintain exclusivity?
Absolutely. Please make this request prior to contract signing so that I can send you the appropriate contract.

Q// Do we get the copyrights to the images taken?
Your contract grants you permission to share, and print your images or post them to social media. Full copyright ownership is not available for purchase.

Q// Can we have the .RAW, unedited images? Can we have all the images?
You will receive the BEST images taken during the day and they will be gloriously edited by me. My base rate covers one round of editing only. If you would like to purchase a gallery of unedited .JPGs, you may do so for an additional $1,000. Also, .RAW images are not available for purchase ever.

Q// How many edited images can we expect to receive after the wedding?
More than enough.

Q// How long will it take to receive our images?
4-6 weeks