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brand like a boss.

Want to book more clients? hi, don’t we all! The top businesses, influencers, and boss babes you follow all have one thing in common: epic branding.

This super detailed course has everything you need to turn your business and brand up a couple thousand notches. 9 Classes + Downloadable Easy-to-Use Templates. Learn at your own pace all from the comfort of your couch.

Warning: you may experience high levels of dopamine because its. that. good.


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slay your day: time blocking for bosses

Need to stop wasting time and become like 10 times more productive? No judgement girl, but I do have something for you that will help.

Put down that over-priced latte and buy something thats actually going to MAKE you money instead.

Set yourself up for success with this super easy-to-implement Time Blocking Workbook.




free branding starter kit

You don’t need a professional photographer or a degree in Sales and Marketing to start branding better!

I’ll show ya:

  • How to figure out your brand voice

  • How to take quality branding images

  • What NOT to do with your website



for photographers

how to create a radass client prep guide

Photographers, this is just for you! For your clients to rock their photo sessions, you gotta prep them! Having a client prep guide will not only put your nervous client at ease but it totally screams “I GOT THIS HUNNY!” Get your step-by-step guide to a perfectly curated shoot like..right now.


“hi kelley, do you work with bosses one-on-one?”