How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Reality


It is so freaking easy to tell yourself a negative thought about yourself, it is crazy. If you are in a place right now that you are not too fond of, once you watch this video you’re going to be like “well no wonder nothing ever happens in my life”. 

Negative thoughts are literally the devil. Not the negative thoughts we have heard from others about ourselves, I’m talking about OUR OWN negative thoughts. Our thoughts, whether negative, positive, dripping in lack, or bubbling over in abundance, are always actively shaping the reality we experience every single day.

When i first started paying attention to how many negative things i said to myself on a daily basis i was shook. Not just because there were so many but also because i am not like that with anybody else. And so it was just amazing to see how opposite i treat myself vs how i would treat somebody else.

In order to stop thinking negative thoughts, first we have to be just aware of how many thoughts we even tell ourselves on a daily. And we do it so easily that as soon as you become more aware of your thoughts you’re like “well no wonder nothing ever happens in my life, i tell myself negative thoughts all of the time”. 

And don’t just become aware of your negative thoughts, try to become aware of how many times you actually say something positive to yourself, if you even do. The absence of positive thoughts has the same effect.

Your thoughts literally create your reality. We have to think something first before it can become something in our conscious reality. And whenever we have a thought, it gets banked in our subconscious to be used later to create our reality. So when you say things like “every time i go to Popeyes, they get my order wrong” and then you pull into the drive through like normal, before you even order your food, you have already made the decision that your order is wrong. And so it is. When we make those firm and final decisions that “so and so is always this way” or “this always has to be that way” you make it so. And the same way this goes for negative thoughts, this goes for positive ones as well.

Its not enough to just want something is important that you actively participate in positive self-talk all day long so that your subconscious mind can begin to bank new thoughts. Once you’re more aware of your thoughts, make a conscious effort to replace them with more positive thoughts.

Scripting is another great way to replace the negative thoughts in your subconscious bank with more positive ones. When you repeat thoughts over and over again, you will eventually experience that reality. So negative thoughts, or thoughts about what you cant achieve, or what you cant have, or what will never happen for you should be replaced with the actual reality you’d like to experience, even if its not actually happening yet. We receive what we focus on so it only makes sense that if you want that new car or that better job, you have to first tell yourself that, and then rather than let your auto pilot subconscious tell you that you cant have it, you tell it that you can, through a super positive, amazing, feel good, journal entry written in the present tense. It has been proven that your subconscious cant tell the difference between what is happening in real time and what you tell it is happening in real time. So forget what your conscious brain sees, thats old news that you created a long time ago. Start focusing on what you WANT to see, and your reality will have no choice but to change direction.

To stop thinking negative thoughts, you simply need to decide that negative thoughts are no longer welcome here. When you set an intention to think more positively and believe that the world you see is yours alone to create, your life will begin to shift in ways that you probably can’t even imagine right now. But you should, because that is how your dreams literally become your reality.

Kelley Raye, Branding Strategist + Photographer for Boss Babes