Nicole and Dane | Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

"Our story begins...

in the hallway of San Francisco City Impact, a Christian non-profit organization and church in the Tenderloin neighborhood. Dane worked there, I volunteered there, but we were strangers until he buzzed me in the door one day. Word on the street is I caught his eye, and one short week later he asked me out for coffee. But timing is an interesting thing, and I was set to move back to LA in three weeks. I told him this, but he still asked me, and I eventually agreed. Our first date to the movies followed shortly thereafter— the first of a whirlwind three sweet weeks.

Despite my doubts, Dane pursued and flew down to LA the next month, marking the beginning of our long-distance relationship. One year later, I was blessed with the opportunity to return to SF for pharmacy residency, and we were both very thankful to end a year of long-distance. A move, new jobs, new churches—learning to blend the lives of two very different people— made for a good and challenging, stretching and growing one and a half years.

On Memorial Day weekend, Dane and I flew down to LA for some family time. My sister was in town from New York, so we planned a day at our favorite beach. A bike ride led to a cute picnic on a lifeguard tower, with a sister taking pictures and a beloved boyfriend down on one knee. And yes, I was completely surprised. The sweet day ended in a party at my parent's place with some of my dearest friends. And well, the rest is history." -Nicole


Awwww! Love that story! Dane and Nicole are like two of my favorite people. Down to earth. Love photography. Love each other. And know how to throw a party. So much good…. The prep site was to die for, the venue had alllll the good light, the couple and their family and friends were ah-ma-zing, not too much more you can ask for as a wedding photographer. Give me all the Malibu weddings! Grab a blanket and get comfy because there’s over 100 drool-worthy photos going down in 3, 2,1….

All images taken by Kelley Raye, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer + Atlanta Wedding Photographer.