“Let me tell you sumpthin' about Kelley Raye.

Not only is she a wedding photographer, she is a true blue photo artist. Her photographs are authentic snapshots of moments in time, and her work with lighting is stunning. She shot our intimate mountaintop wedding at sunset, and the photos are the perfect combination of beautiful green mountain landscape, a sherbet sky, and painted portraits of the emotions of that day. We were so lucky to have such a talented, flexible, light-hearted, and easy-going human to work with. Looking back through our album makes me feel like I am experiencing the day all over again. The world (and folks getting married) are lucky Kelley Raye Photography exists. If you are looking to capture authentic moments and raw human emotion from your big day, Kelley is the one.”

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it me.

it me.

oh Hey!  

*this is more like a squeal btw*

You're here and thats pretty cool, not gonna lie.

I'm Kelley. And Raye is my last name not my middle name. Photography became a necessity in my life from a very young age.

I used to move around ALOT as a kid. Having to start over at a new school every year forced me to not only perfect the art of making new friends quickly but also to find a way to remember the friends I knew I would be leaving behind at the end of the school year. 

I started carrying around disposable cameras so that i could snap anything and anybody I wanted to remember. I knew that the memories would always be there, and photos would help me unlock them whenever I wanted.

Thats how my obsession with photography started.

I don't shoot cold, stark, inauthentic photos. I probably couldn't if I tried. I shoot with purpose. Life goes by so quickly, you know? I'm a photographer because its important to me that we remember. The mood, the smell, the butterflies in the stomach, the time, who was there, the season, the excitement, whether they were chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies, the feelings, the reason. I'm about the memories. I do what I do because one photo can help recall 1,000 amazing memories after the people, places and things pictured have loooooong since faded away.

And who the hell doesn't love that?

margaritas are my spirit animal.


2019 travel dates

savannah, ga // jan 20-23

Dana Point, CA // feb 7-11

Charleston, SC // April 25-28

Cleveland, OH // May 2-5

Savannah, GA // may 24-27

savannah, ga // june 8-10

Keene, NH // Oct 4-6

Seattle, WA // nov 7-10


2020 travel dates (so far)

st. louis, mo // march 13-15

Palm Springs, CA // April 29-May 2

Cabo, Mexico // May 6-10

Buenos Aires, Argentina // Sep 7-11

my wife and i.

my wife and i.


now aside from my love for white walls and photo montages..


i judge latte art, so if you ever make my vanilla latte, don't half ass it. Do it with your full ass.

i check my delta airline app twice a week to see how many days I have until my next flight. if the list gets short, i go into depression. so i keep it long.

i'm a cheerleader for other women entrepreneurs. I honestly wish every lady with a dream would just quit her 9 to 5 and pursue what she dreams about most. that's why i started kelley raye branding sessions. i absolutely love helping women reach new heights through creative branding, tips and advice so that they can continue kicking ass doing what they love.

one day, an image i take will be on the cover of vogue. you heard it here first. unless you know me in real life, in which case, this is in fact not the first time you have heard it.

My wife is my business partner & second shooter. You may meet her. She’s great!

I have a morkie named martini.

i was a squirrel in a past life.


upcoming photography workshops/Speaking engagements

Southeast Photo Convention // Savannah, GA // Jan 21-23, 2019

Click Away Photography Conference // Dana Point, CA // Feb 8-10, 2019


WRKSHP // Brooklyn, NY // Oct 23-26, 2017

{UN}CONVENTION // Richmond, VA // Nov 13, 2016

this is Martini. he asked that his headshot be included. he does no work.

this is Martini. he asked that his headshot be included. he does no work.