all the Love

Weddings start at $4800, Elopements start at $2800, Portraits start at $500.
Yes, I travel for love.
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all the branding

Branding + Lifestyle sessions start at $250
Yes, I travel for branding.
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Q// How would you describe your photography style?
I shoot/edit with feeling in mind. Feeling, vibe, essence, aura, whatever you call it, thats what I aim to capture. It's easy to capture what we see, but what about what we cant see? How will you remember how you felt? Storytelling is about more than just the what, its about the why as well. My photography can be categorized as moody over light and airy; documentary rather than fine art; lifestyle instead of traditional. I like my images to reflect real. I play with shadows. I capture tiny details that you may not even notice. I shoot the way I feel someone would want to remember.

Q// Who is your ideal client?
I get along best with humans who love to laugh, be themselves, and just go with the flow. People who are comfortable with doing things their own way, traditions are awesome but forging your own path is cool too.

Q// Do you travel?
Yes! I travel for both weddings and branding and looooove when I am able to combine photography and travel. My favorite countries are Thailand, Iceland, Italy, and France so far. There is nothing better than getting out in the world and seeing if for yourself!