The Cocktail for Killer Lifestyle Branding Portraits | Atlanta Branding Photographer

I have become a Master of Direction in this lifestyle photography game. Why? Because 98% of my new client inquiries start with “I’m weird and awkward in front of the camera” Girl, take a number, because you’re definitely not alone. Over the years I have crafted a Cocktail for Killer Lifestyle Portraits, and here are a few tips that might help you the next time it’s your turn to step in front of a lens:


Branding Photo Session Tip 1

// Chin Down

When we talk to people in normal conversation our face is its most natural angle, but for some reason when a camera comes into play, we feel like our chin should be angled towards the gods. No ma’am. Tilt that chin back down to earth to appear more natural and less stiff and awkward.

Branding Photo Session Tip 2

// Look Alive!

A twinkle in your eye is one of the best ingredients for a killer lifestyle branding image. To avoid looking like the ‘Madame Tussaud’ version of yourself, don’t stare at the camera the ENTIRE time. Look left, then back to the camera, then right, then back to the camera, look at your hands, then back to the camera, etc. Secret Sauce: that ‘twinkle’ in your eye lies in those first few seconds of you re-focusing on a new subject.

Branding Photo Session Tip 3

//Keep it Moving

Lifestyle branding photography is really posing without looking posed, and the best way to do that is to keep moving. Most of the direction I give to my clients revolves around keeping their body moving. They’ll hear me say things like “look left, walk towards me, twirl in a circle, play in your hair with your right hand” etc. When I tell them what to do, technically I’m posing them, but to the viewer of the photo, my client always looks natural and candid.

Ready to give it a whirl? Heck yea you are!

Cheers to never taking another awkward photo!


All images taken by Kelley Raye, Los Angeles Branding Photographer + Atlanta Branding Photographer + New York Branding Photographer