4 Tips To Rock Your Branding Photo Session | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Wanna know the secret to how my ladies rock their branding sessions every single time? File these tips away for when it's your turn to get in front of the camera:

branding photo session Tip 1

// Take time to prepare

While this may be up for debate, photographers are not actually magicians in disguise. We cant make you look any certain type of way, you do that all on your own. If your photographer has sent you a prep guide, take the time to read it and really put their professional tips to work. I know the minute my client walks up to me whether they read my prep guide or not just by the things that they're carrying (and not carrying in their hands).


Branding photo session Tip 2

// Show up on time

You want an easy-going, non-stressful session? give yourself plenty of time to get to your session location (which includes a buffer for finding parking). Nothing stresses people out more than knowing they are going to be late for their own session. And you wouldn't want that stress (on top of the anxiety of having your photo taken) to be present during the session.

branding photo session Tip 3

// Don't carry the world with you

Extra baggage weighs the entire shoot down. leave your purse, baby bags, and whatever else you think you need but don't in the car. the more focused you are on your 'stuff' that you set on the ground hoping nobody runs up and steals, the less focused you are on the task at hand: taking radass photos.


Branding Photo Session Tip 4

// Don't worry + be happy

When i get to a session i leave every problem i have at the door, because my clients don't deserve any of that. you should do the same too. not for your photographer, but for yourself. if you've just had a bad day, a fight with your spouse, yelled at your kid, etc and then you bring all that energy to the session, its going to show in your face and body language. Take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulders, say a feel good mantra, and drop all that bad energy off before you head into your photo session.

All images taken by Kelley Raye, Los Angeles Branding Photographer + Atlanta Branding Photographer + New York Branding Photographer