atlanta lifestyle photographer | lakenya beard | girlboss branding

LaKenya is the most beautiful soul and Im so glad I had a chance to work with her on some new branding for the Healing & Coaching practice she is launching in 2017. One thing I love about my girlboss branding sessions is (1) the new friends I get to make and (2) the uplifting and motivating conversation we get to have with each other while we shoot. I always walk away with some amazing insight that you really can only get with face-to-face real life interaction with other humans. In a world where we consumed with "profound" social media quotes and the incessant need to keep up with others not even really knowing where they truly are on their journey, its nice to put the phone down and talk to real people about whats really going on in their lives. LaKenya was going through something major on this day (which you clearly cant tell) and after our shoot I was truly overwhelmed with emotion thinking about the role I had just played in making her smile, laugh and feel amazing. Girlboss branding isnt always just about updating your website, sometimes it can be so much more.

LaKenya's spirit animal is a giraffe. And she is so kind and her spirit is so inviting, I can totally see it!