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Jvawnna from Philly. When you're in town for one weekend only, why not add a girlboss branding session to your agenda? I met Jvawnna on New Years Eve and we had a good time running around Cabbagetown, changing outfits in empty bars, and dancing in the street. Our session ended just before the most random hail storm. JawJah.

Jvawnna's is launching a lot of shit in 2017 because boss. Her organization Nourish Women and Girls is an initiative to end malnutrition among women and girls globally by providing oral nutritional supplements and measuring health outcomes post intervention. Her non-profit Beauty Brains and Braun will help young women between the ages of 8-16 understand the meaning of "true beauty", the importance of education, culture, physical fitness and self care. She's also been to 49 countries, so a travel and lifestyle blog is coming soon as well. Oh and she also has a day job as a global health economist. NBD.

Jvawnna's spirit animal is a lion. Or Tracee Ellis Ross. Depends on the day.