atlanta lifestyle photographer | christina vanvuren | girlboss branding

I think it was maybe 30 degrees when Christina came to Rose Gold Studio for her girlboss branding session. But we played outside anyway because I pretty much shoot in any weather besides torrential downpour. 

Christina is rebranding of course and we all need some cute headshots of ourselves so yay! Can y'all believe she built a freelance writing career from $0 to 6 figures in 2 years?! When she's not keeping brands looking good with content, consulting, and collaboration she's writing. Writing is her passion. That's one thing about turning your passion into a business, you have to remember to keep doing "your thing" for you too so your fire doesnt go out. Make time for passion projects! Speaking of projects, she has a super cool one she's workign on: a popup co-working space for women that combines the hustle with the flow. Yes! You know I love me a good, cute girls only co-working space :)

Christina's spirit animal is a kitty. Not a cat, a kitty. She's also my gemini twin and totally gets me. Nobody understands us gemini's. But we're the life of the party all the same! Had so much fun with Christina she's already booked her next session lol.