atlanta lifestyle photographer | ashley sue thaxton | girlboss branding

I love this pastry babe. Ashley is the head babe in charge at Ashley Sue's Baked Goods and she is killin the pastry game in Atlanta with her amazing pop tarts, pies, brownies, you name it. If its a sweet treat, she slays it. She's also an amazing mompreneur like a lot of you out there. She balances running her business and taking care of her sweet baby girl Ruby. Ruby came along for the ride for Ashley's mini girlboss branding session, so of course I captured them both because I mean, this is real life and we're all about that authenticity over here.

Ashley's spirit animal is a donut. Or an iced mocha. Depends on the day. But she does always have an iced coffee in her hand even if its 12 degrees outside, so perhaps she's my spirit animal....

Also it might possibly be destined to rain on every single shoot I have this winter, but you know what rain, you cant stop this magic!