Kelley Raye

atlanta lifestyle photographer | expectations for the newbie solopreneur

Kelley Raye
atlanta lifestyle photographer |  expectations for the newbie solopreneur

“You gotta wonder why we cling to our expectations. Because the expected is just what keeps us steady… standing… still. The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected… is what changes our lives.” -Grey's Anatomy

Expectations. We have so many. All the time. We expect our car to start every day. We expect a paycheck on time. We expect the weather to be nice so as not to ruin our plans. So many things we expect to go our way all the time. Many times we even expect to be somewhere in our lives by a certain day or week or year. So what happens when something you were expecting didn’t pan out the way you wanted by the exact time you wanted it to? Do you beat yourself up? Grab a pint of ice cream? Say ‘oh well’ and find something brain-numbing to watch on TV? Unfortunately, when you want to be an entrepreneur, none of that really works. Can’t just throw your hands up and say never mind. You can however learn how to relinquish control over those expectations and just roll with the punches. There are powers greater than us working on what it is that we ‘expect’ every minute of the day. I’m finding that letting go of these expectations, and being comfortable with what’s unseen or unknown, is really the only way to get to where you intended to go.

I fight with that ‘never gonna make it’ feeling all the time as most entrepreneurs do in their start-up days. To combat that feeling, first I have a glass of wine of course, and then I continuously remind myself that the universe has my back. That as long as I’ve set an intention, and it is super clear, that the universe will conspire to make it happen.

I set a butt load of intentions the other day, as I do every other week or so. My short-term intentions always seem to change based on what I think is realistic, yet the underlying tone remains the same: Self-employed. Steady income. Shoot what makes me happy. Travel the world.

I know I dream big, but I don’t wish to dream any other way. If you’re not dreaming big, what are you doing? I don’t want to cling to my expectations or things that seem safe, I want to experience the unexpected, the things I couldn’t even imagine could happen to me on my best day.


Meet my friend Jessy. She's another big dreamer. She'll be introducing her new videography/photography website to the world shortly, but first we had to do a little branding. We trekked through her old neighborhood because it was only fitting that we showcased how she started from the bottom now she here. Although the Poncey-Midtown area is hardly bottom. Still, you get it. Her old apartment porch made for some great shots. Just the right amount of vintage. Soon, Jessy will be shooting a branding video for my site. Dynamic duo. 

#Girlboss branding sessions give me life and are a must in my photography world. If you're a girl boss looking for some badass branding visuals, lets talk.