atlanta lifestyle photographer | dr. crystal jones | girlboss branding session

"I need photos, but I hate taking photos." -every one of my clients apparently when we arrive to our shoot site. every time.

And then we go take photos, and they end up looking like this. Luckily, I'm growing to be an expert working with people who feel like they have no idea what they are doing. It's ok, I tell them. You don't have to 'know' how to do anything. Just be.

This is Dr. Crystal Jones. And this is her being.

She arrived to her shoot barefoot.

"Crystal...where...are your shoes?"

"In my hand. I like to be as close to the earth as possible."

From there I knew this was going to be a wonderful session.

Crystal is a healing artist and chiropractor currently based in Atlanta, GA but she travels all over. Like olympics in Rio 2016 travels. She's currently updating and re-branding her new website (edit: she launched it today, didn't even know! Go check it out!!); wanting people to really understand who she is and what she does and why its important to her. We were supposed to shoot in her studio, however the rain threatened to take away all the sun that normally pours through her windows, so we scheduled her studio session for later in the week and went outside to play in the clouds in the meantime.

Crystal's energy is so soothing (as you would imagine of a healing artist). She speaks softly but with mucho conviction. We talked and laughed and talked and talked some more. And took photos occasionally :) Pretty much what a normal session with me consists of. And a normal healing session with her is below.

It seems both of us really enjoy lifting spirits and helping people enjoy their own authentic life.

Be yourself, love yourself, spread love, learn from life lessons, set intentions, hug somebody; everything will be ok.