adventurous cloudland canyon waterfall engagement session

i love adventure. and i love working with couples who love adventure. who aren't afraid to get wet. or walk barefoot. or climb a mountain to get to that perfect waterfall. its ok to show emotion during an engagement session. its ok to hug and touch and pretend you're the only two people on earth. working with couples that are down for anything is one of the things that keeps me inspired and truly enjoy what I do. as a creative photographer, i don't just want to shoot shit just to shoot it. i want to enjoy what im creating just as much as you want to enjoy being two rad people in love shooting an engagement session. so when it comes time for your love session, choose an amazing location, dress up, don't stress out about being in front of the camera, be ready to take plenty of creative direction so you don't have to think too hard, and at the end of the day just have fun with it!

also waterfalls in ga aren't too shabby, right?