travel diary: rome, italy

we went to europe back in august 2016. im just now blogging this. its hard to keep up with your own personal photos ya know.

fallon had been talking about visiting rome for years so on valentines day 2016 i surprised her with plane tickets and new luggage for a european adventure that would fall over her birthday. rome for the food, florence for the wine and paris for the people watching. that was our agenda.

first stop and our most favorite city to date: roma

we wrote down everything anthony bordain told us to do, from how to take the train into the city from the airport to where to eat the best porchetta. the answer: anywhere. our airbnb had floor to ceiling windows letting us in on the most amazing sunrise and sunset every evening. our first night there was an earthquake about 50 miles away. the shaking of the loft woke us up but due to the jet lag, we just couldn't really comprehend that the building was literally swaying back and forth. we didn't find out that it was an earthquake until someone back home texted us the cnn story. 

when the city shut down every afternoon, at first we thought we might go crazy but then quickly adopted the philosophy 'when in rome' and embraced the mandatory recess break. we just walked or napped while we waited for the city to wake up again. slowing down is good.

we drank cappuccinos standing up at the counter every morning and ate every type of pasta at night. we attempted to speak in italian while everyone we encountered attempted to speak in english.

and trastavere. oh my goodness. literally our happy place.

theres no place like rome.