Jessica and Cody | Dekalb History Center Atlanta Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Cody got married a day before new years eve and it was the perfect way to end my super busy wedding season, hanging with the sweetest little couple in georgia. 

Jessica says: 

"Cody proposed at Oakland Cemetery. So besides our dogs, we were the only people (alive) there, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Everyone said wedding planning would be stressful, but we have been surprised at how simple things can be. Just always pick the second option. If you have to pick between white or ivory, pick ivory. Buffet or stations? Pick stations. To be honest, we are two weeks away from the wedding and we haven't seen the venue in person yet. The goal has always been to get married, but an awesome wedding is a pretty great bonus too. The only input Cody gave for the wedding were our colors: "Red and black, go Falcons." We compromised with burgundy and black, close enough. Pinterest is the devil, so there have been several DIY attempts. The only successful craft was done by my mama, she glued thousands of tiny little pearls on hand painted "Fs" (F for Febles). I also have a donut obsession so we decided to do donuts as our party favors. My years working at a pizza place came in handy when I had to fold over a hundred tiny little donut boxes. It will all be worth it, because donuts. Overall, we've had a very laid back time planning the wedding. I just hope the day of can be just as relaxing and fun."