intimate iceland wedding | los angeles wedding photographer

i'm a firm believer that everyone should elope. theres just nothing like doing your wedding your way without the worries and stresses of pleasing others. courtney and chris did just that. they announced they would be eloping in iceland (where they were engaged) and whoever wanted to come along for the ride was absolutely welcome to do so. close family and friends grabbed tickets and airbnbs almost immediately, and in a few short months we all landed in Reykjavik, Iceland for what would be the most amazing wedding day.

capturing elopements and intimate weddings is my ultimate favorite thing as a wedding photographer. for a born wanderer, adventurous love stories in scenic places around the world is just where its at for me. And working with creatives like Courtney (artist) and Chris (photographer) means i know without a doubt magic will be created. and oh was it....

the dress, the details (courtney made chris' belt and her headpiece with parts of her mothers vintage necklace; chris' dad made the most amazing ring 'box' I've ever seen) the love, the vows, the views...ah!

Take it all in. Scroll slowly. Let it marinate. Because this is too good.