westside atlanta castleberry hill engagement session | atlanta wedding photographer

When couples find me that love photography as much as I do, my heart soars. lit-er-ally soars. everybody loves photos but not everybody loves photos, ya know? i knew this would be good. not because im psychic. but because when people are truly about creating art it shows in everything they say and do. and those are the people that i am so grateful find me and want to make magic with me. I remember as they gushed about how they got engaged in Dr. Bombays as we drank coffee and tea and talked like we were old friends.

Engagement story: Bryce and Tia went on a little getaway to Asheville. He set up a camera for the proposal because, well how else would he surprise Tia AND capture it at the same time in a whole 'nother state? These are the things I think about too. How can I be involved in something amazing and capture it at the same time? Priorities. And he put the ring...in a golden snitch...in a book...that he made. A GOLDEN SNITCH. In a book. Guys. What?! 

Tia and Bryce knocked this engagement session out of the park. Being into photography, moments, life as art and details does that. It was cold. They didn't care. They got red-carpet ready and brought it. And that's how you do it. You just bring it. You have fun. You enjoy the moment. You get creative. You run from one location to another. You look like you stepped off the cover of Vogue. You let the world feel your love story. And then you drink champagne and talk and laugh for hours afterwards. Cheers.