atlanta wedding photographer | linda and dan

Linda and Dan. San Francisco's finest but they decided to marry in Atlanta near their friends and family. Dan's Aunt made sure everyone was wrinkle-free for their photos at any given time, and Linda's besties are definitely the type of gals a bride would want helping her get ready. Linda and Dan had two ceremonies to incorporate both of their different heritages. First, they held a chinese tea ceremony where they received blessings from their elders and then they had a jewish ceremony in which Dan signed a cool jewish marriage contract basically stating he's Linda's forever. After they signed, both the pen and the contract disappeared into thin air. Kidding. Kind of. They married under a beautiful chuppah that was built the day before and then it was time for champagne. I love intimate weddings. And I absolutely love when cultural traditions are incorporated into wedding days. Its truly an honor to be asked to capture something so very personal. I'm so glad these two found me. Oh and yessss to both of Linda's dresses.