atlanta wedding photographer | alayna and sam | engagement

there's certain people that I end up working with that really understand what this whole photography thing should be about. and then they refer another couple who gets it too. and you're so happy about the chain of events that has occurred.

i spent 2 and a half hours with alayna and sam. partly because they are cool af and partly because taking the appropriate amount of time to get the right shots is necessary when you're an artist. and its refreshing when i get to work with love that. photo sessions should be more than just a rush job of shots that have no depth, no purpose.

it should be about ice cream in an unexpected storm and getting attacked by mosquitos together. and about bare feet in the wet grass and knowing the dogs by name when you leave. and about creating beautiful frame-worthy portraits just as much as it is about the candids -because there is in fact room for both.

i like being able to take my time to fully capture you guys when you decide to call on me to tell your story. so slow down. breathe. have fun. this should be a good time, not an anxiety attack.