Leah and Jason | Adamson House Malibu Beach Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Leah and Jaron’s wedding was one of the best. Not because of the ahmazing images, which are undeniably ahmazing, but because of the energy of the entire day. It was magical. Leah and Jaron are literally the funniest, and they had a BLAST literally ALL DAY; how every wedding day should be. The gifts they got each other were equally thoughtful and hilarious, and lets not even talk about the florals. Clicked with these two as soon as we said “hey!” and I am soooooo glad I was apart of this day. Still reeling over the dance party and Jaron’s favorite Michael Jackson song. Inside joke, ya had to be there. And Leah is so right, the surfing that took place all of 5 feet from the venue the entire night was unreal. Get into this goodness!!

| From Leah |


A little backstory on our wedding planning adventure: I grew up in the oldest city in the United States- St. Augustine, FL. It's a beautiful Spanish settled town on the northeast coast of Florida. I had the dreamiest childhood because the beach was literally my backyard. My family and I LIVED in the water surfing, swimming, boating, and getting WAY too much Vitamin D.

Flash forward to 2017 and I'm living in Los Angeles and working in TV. I'm dating the most amazing LA local Film Grip turned Accountant (Jaron). One gloomy August morning, Jaron proposed in a Malibu beach parking lot before heading out to surf. I said yes and our wedding planning adventure began. Los Angeles is Jaron's home and after being here for almost 10 years, it's become mine too so we decided to find a local venue.

The Adamson House gave Jaron and I the CHILLS the second we walked onto the property. I would have been happy to marry Jaron anywhere but I still had this dream to find my "St. Augustine" in Los Angeles. The Adamson House fulfilled that longing and more. The incredible Spanish tile work, the amazing flowers, views, and salty ocean breeze made me feel at home. Jaron and I also loved how the amazing 1st Point surf break was RIGHT THERE. We just prayed that the waves wouldn't be TOO good on our wedding day...otherwise a large portion of our guests (myself included) would be tempted to rip off our wedding clothes and head out surfing.

Jaron and I are really stoked about all of our wedding design choices. We chose a pretty neutral color palette of cremes and golds, and made sure the "pops of color" were always floral based. I've always known that I wanted as much bougainvillea as possible at my wedding. Luckily Jaron dug that idea and let me run with it. We are thankful we found an amazing florist who could work with our favorite vine and sprinkle it throughout our wedding tastefully. Jaron's Dad also painted the most amazing bougainvillea filled canvases for us. I was originally going to use the canvases as signs but decided to frame them and use them as decorations...they're too pretty! When it came to our reception tables- I tried to channel my Mom because she's the Queen of table setting/design/she literally has made it into an art form. I think we nailed it

Jaron and I loved the wedding planning process so so so much. We never felt stressed or overwhelmed because we were SO PUMPED to get married. It also helped that we had a great week of/day of coordinator who made us maintain our level of chill. This is my dream wedding. Actually it's like you took my dream wedding, turned it into a unicorn, put it on the beach, dressed it in bougainvillea and Spanish tile, and fed it lots of sugar and champagne. (Aka Dreams x 100000)


photographer: Kelley Raye
assistant photographer: Fallon Wright
venue: The Adamson House
wedding coordinator: Vintage Heart Weddings
florist: Best Day Ever Floral Design
dress: Enzoani
bride shoes: Betsy Johnson
suit: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
groom shoes: Cole Hann
hair: Angelina Mersola
makeup: Sophie Athena
dj: Electric Entertainment
videographer: Will Lee
caterer: Truly Yours Catering
dessert: Susie Cakes
save the dates/invitations: Linda Tuggle