goat farm arts center atlanta engagement session

You know what's fun? When a fellow photog emails you about shooting something for them. You know what is the most fun ever?  When that something is an engagement session. DJ and I have so many commonalities that I couldn't wait to meet her. We love photography, we love vintage, we love San Juan, she clearly stole those nude heels out of my closet...

DJ and her fabulous pants along with Dorian and her epic bowtie met up with me at my studio at the goat farm (this was maybe shoot 2 of 4 that day?) and we skipped around in 30-ish degree weather pretending to be in Puerto Rico (because its warm there and thats where they plan to marry next year). Dorian's comedic antics kept us occupied so we didn't think about the temp too much. Mind over matter people. Urban vintage chic comin atcha.

All images taken by Kelley Raye, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer + Atlanta Wedding Photographer.